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705 views Sep 25, 2019
Killerweil (Manila) Stands Against Bullying With Their Latest Single 'Kalasag'!


5-piece metal band Killerweil brings the house down while campaigning for anti-bullying with their latest single ‘Kalasag’.



Killerweil is comprised of Weil Ylagan on vocals, Chislon Bolanos and Jeriel Fajutagana on guitars, Cyro Albino/Popo Belez on bass, and Regin Nolasco on drums.


According to Ylagan, ‘Kalasag’ “came from a concept where your initial reaction from getting bullied is covering yourself. You “shield” yourself. But just as you cover, the hurt still goes — physical, mental, emotional. “Paliparin ang kalasag” is a phrase where you make yourself the shield to make a weapon out of it. It doesn’t mean to strike back or to get revenge. It motivates the victim to stand up, shove the dirt, and make use of his/her personal expressions to battle out his hurtful experiences.” The frontman also stated that it was music who helped them cope up and regain their self-esteem hence choosing it as a channel for expression.


Well, nothing beats a song with a great advocacy. Stream ‘Kalasag’ here: