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2,657 views Sep 13, 2019
Syd Hartha Opens Up About Her Father… And The Abuse

Singer-songwriter folk pop artist Syd Hartha opens up to the public about her experience with her father, former Eraserheads lead guitarist Marcus Adoro.



On Thursday, Syd managed to break her silence and spoke up about the sensitive topic of abuse and how she grew up looking for a father. It says so in her statement that in a span of almost a year of finally getting connected with him (Adoro), then she came to experience different kinds of abuse; eventually realizing why she was protected and was kept a safe distance from her own father. 

Syd wrapped up her lengthy and heart-wrenching post by saying she still carries the fear up to this day, that history might repeat itself or to another victim.

Included in the photos that went with the post was a conversation with Barbara Ruaro, her dad’s ex-partner who was first to speak up about experiencing abuse albeit not dropping any names when she posted it.