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497 views Sep 02, 2019
syd hartha Releases “ayaw” Music Video!


What started the recent weekend was a new music video from folk pop artist syd hartha for her single “ayaw” under Sony Music Philippines.



The track garnered a lot of noise during its release primarily because of its lyrics centering on sexual harassment and victim-blaming, which is in its prime in today’s generation. The video, set in front of a carinderia named “KARINDERYANG HINDI BUKAS SA LAHAT NG GUSTONG KUMAIN”, zeroes in on the dominance of men—portrayed by dancers with faces covered in cloth—and how they are perceived as pertrubing in the talks of women’s safety. 

Featured also in the video is no other than the artist herself, syd hartha, in a dashing Filipiñana to represent every Filipina who has experienced the same issue.




With visuals as strong as the track itself, Director Norvin Delos Santos and syd hartha did a great job encapsulating such a sensitive issue into one fiery and empowering music video.


Check out the music video for “ayaw” here:



All photos from Raj Marasigan / @rajmrsgn