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560 views Aug 27, 2019
Fresh Drops From Nathan & Mercury!

Just before flying off to Singapore for Music Matters 2019, rising alternative band Nathan & Mercury surprised us with some new stuff over the weekend—and that includes two music videos: one for ‘Fools’ and one for ‘Rumours’, which also happens to be a brand new, fresh off-the-grill track. 



Both produced by Two Fold Media, the visuals for ‘Rumours’ is a quirky one. Mundane objects appearing here and there, making up for the beats and tunes for the track itself. It encapsulated the magic of meeting someone for the first time and in a very “indie” setting, no other than an intimate gig.


On the other hand, ‘Fools’ took on a heavier subject matter. The visuals for the track portrayed how a relationship dissolves despite of every moment it holds onto. From a split screen feature displaying how the conflict is approached to a melancholic walk in the church, this music video really took the track a step higher into being a heartbroken soul’s anthem.



Check out the music video for ’Rumours’ here:



Also, check out ‘Fools’ as well: