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1,083 views Aug 19, 2019
Voice of Tranquility Welcomes New Vocalist!


Melodic death metal band Voice of Tranquility recently announced their new line-up, officially giving a warm welcome to their new vocalist, Deda Williet Dela Cruz—who is also the vocalist of goth metal band, Asylum Miseria.



Last August 13, previous VoT vocalist Babie Borja released a statement thru her Facebook page regarding her departure as vocalist in the band. According to her, she needs “a personal space, peace of mind and for my mental and physical health. Im gonna rest for a while so that, if ever i come back to music scene, I'm much stronger to handle some inevitable circumstances such as anxiety, illnesses or anything that can affect a situation.”



And finally, topping off the weekend was the Voice of Tranquility’s announcement and official welcoming of their new vocalist, Deda Williet Dela Cruz.



So question is, what’s next for Voice of Tranquility? Well, y’all gotta stay tuned for some new stuff. Congratulations again for the new line-up, VoT!