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410 views Aug 14, 2019
Gracenote Drops “Baso at Bote” Music Video!

On a Friday night, Gracenote released their vibe-y music video and also a lyric video for “Baso at Bote” to top off the start of a weekend. The latest track had bassist Jazz Jorge’s on vocals and is the band’s first-ever release under Universal Records.



Directed by Darwin Hernandez—who also happens to spearhead Soupstar Music—and Jem Cadeliña, the music video definitely exemplified the the usual setting and mood revolved around what the title refers, baso at bote. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a big crowd of teenagers making the most of a weekend night.


Check out the music video for “Baso at Bote” here:



“Baso at Bote” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.