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271 views Jul 19, 2019
Gracenote Signs With Universal Records

Gracenote ends their week on a happy note as they finally sign with their first-ever record label at Universal Records. Together with the amazing Darwin Hernandez, founder of Soupstar Entertainment, the band joyfully gather their signatures to close the deal.

According to an exclusive interview with Gracenote, it only took one gig performance for them to be discovered by the big bosses of Universal Records and it was during their set in (also newly signed band) Better Days’s music video launch. They were immediately called by Sir Darwin the day after, who excitedly told them about the label’s interest to sign them in.

Truly, it was a big moment for the band—not to mention that they have an album coming up this September and a brand-new single dropping next month.

Again, congratulations, Gracenote!

Stay tuned for the full video of Rakista’s exclusive interview with Gracenote here:

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