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504 views Jul 11, 2019
The Chongkeys Facebook Page: Hacked



Monday, July 8, 2019—Vocalist of the reggae band The Chongkeys, Benjie Estanislao, posted what seemed to be a shout for help to mass report the said band’s Facebook page as it was hacked and utilized to no good. As they wait for their page to get into their hands again, they advise the public to forward their inquiries and whatnots to alternative contacts.


Here is Benjie Estanislao's statement regarding the hacking:



For now, inquiries and messages for The Chongkeys are to be directly sent to Benjie Estanislao or Johan Lugtu. They have also just made another Facebook page named “I love The Chongkeys” in which they will be temporarily posting updates on their gigs and reposting of performances.


Follow them here: I love The Chongkeys