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Feb 20, 2023
UP Fair’s Kalye Tunes: A Night Of Groove And Move

Thousands of people gathered at UP Fair’s Kalye Tunes event to enjoy the top-rated local hip-hop music on February 15, 2023, held at UP Sunken Garden. Fans of different hip-hop artists attended the event to witness the jaw-dropping live performances of their idols and were left with no disappointments on their faces. 


Gates were opened at around 3:30 in the afternoon, by which attendees are catered each within the entrance paths together with their tickets purchased. Security panels and staff presence were seen around to ensure the utmost security and safety of each people attending the events. Food booths and souvenir shops were also scattered around the Sunken Garden, making sure that everyone has access to purchasing foods and souvenirs as they enjoy the event.


The event is divided into three segments, with hosts for the first segment including Fiona Bacani and Vince Roque; Naia, Mami Pares Acedo, and Kween Yasmin for the second segment; with Menchani Tilendo, and Krypton Sato for the last segment. These hosts made the attendees more hyped up and filled up their energies to ensure they have enough energy to spread and scream as each artist performs on stage. Above all hosts, Kween Yasmin stood out that the entire Sunken Garden laughed and had fun as she took the stage.

For the first segment, performers include KENNEDY, Rau, Gin, UP Street Dance Club, Kartell’em, Yorko & Ruiijikun, SHTNI, CALIX, and Waiian. The next segment had artists including Jon Bonifacio, Morobeats, PiK NiK, Al James, JP Bacallan, and Pricetagg. The last segment includes Zae, Because, Allison Shore, Kiyo, Ron Henley, Apekz, Abra, and Loonie. These artists led the all-night event filled with hype and groove.