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Sep 08, 2022
Fugu Musk New Single, “Pacemaker” Out On September 16, 2022!


Pacemaker is meant to be a heart-pumping anthem in the alternative rock, punk, and post-hardcore genres that will make the listener feel numerous emotions, such as energetic, furious, spiteful, driven, fuming, and standoffish. The song originated as a short story thought up by Raf in high school. It was about a child who had a heart condition that caused his complexion to be pale. Because of his heart issue, he needed a pacemaker to keep his heart pumping blood.


The song was inspired by the mentioned short story. It began as a personal perspective on the world at large, discussing a spectrum of subjects that one would encounter in life. It speaks about too much, and as a result, the message is lost within it all. Eventually, the persona concludes that nothing matters.


Fugu Musk is a Manila, Philippines-based alternative rock band. Raf De Los Reyes is their main vocalist and guitarist. Raph Rivera is also a vocalist and guitarist, and Ian Estanislao is their drummer and also a vocalist. It was founded in 2010 and has gone through several lineup changes since then. Loud, fuzzy guitars, boomy drumming, thundering bass, and sardonic, aggressive vocals define the band. They make music that explores themes of loneliness and transience while delivering a powerful rock punch.

The band's moniker "Fugu Musk" is a pun on the film Megamind. It occurred during a scene in which the titular character said, "It's simply my natural musk," much to the chagrin of his fish sidekick. Members like card games like Yu-Gi-Oh! And Magic: the Gathering.


Pacemaker's bridge part features audio fragments from a TikTok video showing the band playing Uno. The warning noises onboard an Imperial Star Destroyer, as shown in Episode VI, influenced Raph Rivera's riff in Pacemaker.


Stay Awake, the band's 2017 EP, provides a tale that listeners must put together for themselves. The true story is still unknown.


"Pacemaker" may be pre-saved here: https://ingrv.es/pacemaker-9bf-d


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