Rakista News

Sep 07, 2022
ROW KEYS, the newest addition to the Rakista Records family!

ROW KEYS secured a contract with Rakista Records on August 31. They are also known as "sibling goals" because all the band members are from the same family.




It all started with their 22-year-old vocalist, Raffy "RAFAELLA ROUISE TOLENTINO ROQUE," who graduated from the College of the Holy Spirit with a degree in Interior Design and is a Disney Princess Segment Host and performer. She was a semi-finalist in Eat Bulaga Music Hero's Vocal Battle in 2017 and won I Can See Your Voice in 2018. In the 2021 "THE CLASH," she was an official clasher and clashback. And she was introduced in the "Feelennial" movie with the role of Bayani Agbayani's niece, the love interest of Arvic Tan, and the singer-composer of the movie's theme songs entitled "HIMALA, KASE, DATI, and FEELENNIAL."


According to ROW KEYS, they didn't realize that the universe was using their sibling Raffy to help them achieve their dreams, and now they're performing as one.


The band consists of four members: vocalist RAFAELLA ROUISE TOLENTINO ROQUE, also known as RAFFY, who used the universe to make this band happen; and their bassist, REBECCA RONNITHE TOLENTINO ROQUE, also known as "BECCA," which is the eldest of the siblings and is 24 years old. She graduated from St. Paul University Quezon City with a course in Mass Communication and worked as a Professional Event Host, Disney Princess Character Host/Performer, and Print Ad Model. She is currently connected with Federal Land and is a consistent awardee/producer.


ROSH "ROSHANNA ROSETTE TOLENTINO ROQUE," their drummer, is 17 years old and aspires to be a dentist. She learned how to play the drums by downloading an app, but she's also an excellent beatboxer. She is also a talented dancer, singer, and student. In the Disney Princess Musical Event, she also performs and sings like her older sisters.


And lastly, FELIX RAINE RAPHAEL TOLENTINO ROQUE, a 14-year-old lead guitarist and multitalented grade 10 student from EARIST High School who can sing, dance, and play bass guitar and drums, is the youngest of the siblings. He finished elementary education at Richfield Montessori but moved to a public school because of the pandemic. He began playing guitar at six and has continued to develop through constant YouTube study.


ROW KEYS are more than a band; they are a family that looks out for one another 24 hours a day. They are multitalented individuals in any line of work; students; and workers who can still pursue their dreams. According to them, manifestations exist. And you may see more of them this year!


The band is currently preparing and recording their music at Rakista Workz; you will hear and learn more about them once their new song is released. Keep an eye out for any updates!