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Apr 03, 2023

After months and weeks of giving you teasers and hints on what may happen at this year’s RAKRAKAN , it has been revealed that this festival will be conquering CLARK GLOBAL CITY this June 10-11, 2023. This is to guarantee you that this year's event will be more fun and exciting as we bring everyone to our new festival home in Pampanga. Everyone is welcome to attain another one-big-fun EXPERIENCE for this year's festival wherever you will be coming from. 

For your recognition, RAKRAKAN Festival is an annual music festival in the Philippines that features a wide range of music genres, including rock, metal, hip-hop, OPM, pop, and such. The festival was first held in 2013 and since its debut, the festival has grown to become one of the greatest music gatherings in the country. But because of the pandemic, it was postponed until 2020 to ensure the safety and wellness of our crowd. But now, there's no more stopping by as the #TheReturnOfTheComback fever is on!

This year’s festival is actually inspired by COACHELLA which is well-known in the big international scene and is loved by the crowd because of its awesome presentation of activities and spectacular tricks. So, why not adapt its fever to RAKRAKAN Festival? This became the foundation of the event into molding the idea of creating a lot more activities for people to make the most out of it with fulfillment. In addition to a range of other attractions like skateboarding events, graffiti contests, food and merchandise bazaars, RAKRAKAN has developed a reputation for having a thriving and diverse music scene as well as for having enthusiastic and devoted fans. 

How about you tell us your favorite bands you wish to perform at the festival? Don't be shy, and write as many as you can because like the usual, RAKRAKAN festival is built with MULTI-STAGES to cater over hundreds of artists that will surely rock fire to the stage.

This year's RAKRAKAN festival is pleased to add up interesting, fun, and wild flavors to the event for people to EXPERIENCE the best 2-day music fest of their life; making it sure that no dull moments will be captured. 

Are you also into Car shows? RAKRAKAN Festival lets you enjoy it together with one of the biggest, the nation widest, and the longest running outdoor car show and lifestyle event in ASIA, BUMPER TO BUMPER CAR SHOW!

How about seeing artists participating in our FIL Pro Wrestling while mouthing wild wordplays in our Sunugan Rap Battle? We got it all for you!


But how are you not gonna miss everything in the festival? You should go CAMPING with us in order to catch up on all the best EXPERIENCE!


There are so many activities, truly a festive event, as we keep on bombing you with new and great interests. There's more to expect. E-Sports and many more? Let's just wait for more surprises!


For updates and ticket selling please visit rakrakanfestival Facebook, Instagram, and official website rakrakanfestival.com


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