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Sep 01, 2022
The Maine made its comeback last August 27 in Manila as they celebrated also their 15th Anniversary in front of their Filipino live audiences

The Maine serenaded their Filipino fans with a message of love, appreciation, and motivation last Saturday, August 27, 2022, in Skydome, SM City North Edsa. The band chose to perform and celebrate their 15th anniversary in that concert with their Filipino fans, thus their return trip was more than just their comeback.


It was March 30 this year when PULP Live World announced that The Maine will be playing a one-night concert here in the Manila, Philippines as this marks also the PULP Live World’s first show since the pandemic and the COVID-19 restrictions eased in the country. It's a dream come true after a long wait. Since the band hadn't performed in the country in years, the anticipation and joy among the fans was evident even before the show began. A few of them were interviewed and said that it was the band itself and their songs that healed them and made them continue to strive with their lives. Most of them struggles difficulties in life and the concert served as their gateway to enjoy life without worries - it was undeniably fun and full of hope concert for their fans, indeed.


The band expressed their enthusiasm and the feeling of fulfillment as they performed their new songs in front of their live audiences in which it includes their 8th studio album XOXO: From Love and Anxiety in Real Time, which was released last July 2021, their new single Sticky, hitting No. 19 on Billboard’s Alternative Airplay chart, and the band’s collaboration song Loved You A Little with Taking Back Sunday and Charlotte Sands.


The crowd then was giving much more fun and joy than what the band is expecting as the fans were disciplined but was giving the energy that the band needed to for them to enjoy the concert too. A lucky fan was also given a chance to perform “Run” with the band as was applauded by the whole crowd inside the Skydome.


Since Written By The Stars performed as the opening act and enlivened the crowd, the crowd has been genuinely engaged and alive. From that point on till the very finale of the event, singalongs, synchronized jumps, and proud and joyful cries filled the venue.


The PULP Live World's return guarantees the Filipino fans of more various artists and groups to expect a lot more concerts to come, but also encourages them to always adhere by the government's COVID-19 regulations in order to prevent worsening the virus' transmission.