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Nov 22, 2022
G.O.L.T.S 2022: Beyond YOU

Governors Leadership Training Summit (G.O.L.T.S) is a virtual event focused on pushing

Young marketers from various organizations across the country to activate their competencies and help them blossom into great leaders while primed as future professionals.


With the theme, BEYOND YOU, this year’s G.O.L.T.S was aimed not only to teach governor’s the key strategies towards effective leadership but also to ignite their aspiration to explore the boundless marketing and business realm beyond their sphere. The said leadership training summit was designed to be an interactive event capped with various activities that allowed each marketing leader a chance to evaluate themselves and empowered them to go beyond their limit and reach the fullest of the capacities. It also aimed to hone their critical thinking and analytical skills. The said event was held on November 20, 2022, via Zoom Cloud Meetings.


The National Federation invited notable guest speakers from a variety of business industries, some of whom had previously served on the National Executive Board of the Philippine Junior Marketing Association. They discussed topics such as Itinerary to Guest Governance Beyond the Status Quo, Engineering a Game-changing and Robust Team Culture, Humility Amidst Great Breakthroughs, and more. In addition to learning new strategies for effective leadership, governors also had the opportunity to connect with their co-leaders and form strong bonds while having fun and making discoveries through a variety of activities and worksheets designed specifically for them.


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