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Nov 02, 2022

"The Philippines is Michael Learns To Rock's greatest audience," – Jascha Richter.

October 26, 2022, A Danish soft-rock and pop-rock band, Michael Learns to Rock, returns to Manila after three years on their "Back on the Road Tour 2022". After being in the Era of the Pandemic, MLTR has returned to one of their "Favorite Countries" to play to, as they say. Opening the set with "soul-siren," NINA played her iconic songs; Only reminds me of you, Jealous, and Someday. After the first step up on Coliseum's Stage, the MLTR finally enters.


Banged the Araneta with their first song, Into, followed by Complicated Heart, Sleeping Child, and Breaking My Heart, where all the Generation X and Baby Boomers have proven that their soul is only aging but still young at heart. 


Although the majority of the Attendees were Generation X and Baby Boomers, there were also Millennials who attended the Concert. Some interviewed said, "We don't want to miss this Concert, MLTR is such a legend, and we missed such concerts like this in the Philippines. Thanks to Wilbros Live and Michael Learns to Rock." Some fans refused to be interviewed because they said their boss had no idea that she attended MLTR's Concert. After all, she filed for sick leave just to make sure that she won’t miss the concert. 


That funny yet true story proves how Michael Learns To Rock leaves a mark on the lives of every attendee. All the song line-up that they performed is what everybody calls the "All-Star," songs yet "25 Minutes" and "Paint My Love" hit differently to the attendees. It tremendously impacts the Filipino People, and the whole of Araneta Coliseum makes noise when MLTR plays those songs.


From the first to the last, crowds our cheering, some fans are crying, the whole Araneta Coliseum sing along, making Michael Learns To Rock's Manila Leg "Back on the Road Tour 2022" even more magical. 


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