Rakista News

Sep 03, 2022


Due to unfriendly weather, Ben&Ben Send-Off Concert got canceled as Typhoon Henry started speeding up and triggering more rain in major Parts of Luzon. Ben&Ben, Ovation Productions, and their official event producer decided to cancel it.

The announcement of the Concert cancellation came from their official post on their Facebook Page.

"It breaks our hearts to announce that due to the terrible weather conditions, the Ben&Ben Send-Off concert will be rescheduled to a later date. The sudden heavy downpour of rain, strong winds, and impending flooding around the area have posed potential safety hazards for everyone attending. Safety is our top priority, and we carefully decided with Ovation Productions, our official event producer. More details soon. Be safe, everyone."

Most of the fans from the comment section understand that safety should be the priority before anything else, With the hope in their hearts that things will soon get better.

"Leaves will soon grow from the bareness of trees, And all will be alright in time From waves overgrown come the calmest of seas, And all will be alright in time Wounds of the past will eventually heal, And all will be alright in time." – Leaves Ben&Ben