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Aug 19, 2022

  “The rain is heavy, and it’s hard to go off the road,” her friend laughed and said, “Jeez, the rain can’t stop us, we have waited for five years for this,” some two friends who are talking inside the comfort room while they are listening to All Time Low and checking out their tickets.


It was a rainy Monday for some, but for All Time Low fans, it’s the day they are all waiting for.


- On August 15, 2022, the American rock band from Towson, Maryland - All Time Low, returns to Manila again. It was held at Mall of Asia Arena, presented by PULP Live World.


After a long period of strict protocols and quarantine, it is great to be back and stick our feet around again. It is perfect timing for All Time Low to be back in the Philippines after five years since their solo concert.


Chicosci’s first laid off the stage started with great top songs and most famous ones such as; Vampire Social Club, Raspberry: Girl, and the most favorite song of the Crowd: Diamond Shotgun. Even the crowd yells, “Lock and load, Baby, let’s go! Lock and load, Baby, let’s go!” They are absolutely the perfect band first to arouse the stage, as they jumped, making the people mosh and shout.



Needless to say, it would not be possible without having All Time Low in it. They started the concert with a big bang – opening the set with their song “Lost in Stereo” from their album “Nothing Personal” everyone was living their best life as the confetti launched up into the air, anchored with lights and smoke machines,


 It became an unforgettable night for many. The songs and lyrics that hit hard down to our bones were authentic and phenomenal. Everyone surely can’t deny the nostalgia that they felt that night. Most of the audience is primarily old souls or kids-at-heart. It was extraordinary, nor was the goosebumps highly unbearable.

The crowd is cheering, and some are crying; everyone expresses their joy differently. It is followed by the next song, Dark Side, Sleeping In, Disaster, and so on.


Even Alex Gaskarth: ATL’s frontman, can’t believe many people will

Attend their concert in Manila. “I cannot believe there are so many people here right now,” he said.


There was a time when the crowd was yelling, “Therapy! Therapy! Therapy!” even if it’s not on the list of their lineup, despite how unprepared they were, the love of ATL for every Filipino fan is unrivaled; they still played it with their whole heart. And everyone froze, and some were teary-eyed as Alex started to sing, the entire crowd followed as they reminisced.

Everything from the past, the day when we were still young, the days when the only problems we had were about snacks or biscuits. It’s funny to bring back all the memories we have when we were young and to listen to All Time Low, yet we are all still here. We’re now expected to be responsible young adults. 


Gaskarth also said: “We’ve been through a whole lot lately. Moments like these and nights like tonight remind me why we stick around. We are one beautiful thing,” Alex Gaskarth said.  


They closed the evening with their song “Dear Maria, Count Me In,” as expected, everyone jumped inside the Arena, and the band dearly appreciated the raising of fingers as they memorized the whole piece. Everyone was happy; everyone had a blast as if they didn’t want to end the night anymore, for the moments like these are the most treasured ones, All Time Low became a part of Childhood memories, a huge thanks to PULP Live World as they successfully made the big event possible and memorable.