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May 03, 2022
The Success of MACBETH presents: CHELSEA ALLEY "1st Strike"

After two years of missing them, they're back again with their new band, CHELSEA ALLEY along with the memories of the late Slapshock's vocalist, Jamir Garcia. Last April 29, 2022 we witnessed again the IPO-IPO mosh pit, and most especially the biggest hard rock metal event of 2022: MACBETH presents, "CHELSEA ALLEY 1st Strike" at Eton Centris. The event was attended by the crowd of Chelsea Armies, Slap Armies, and Rakistas who keeps on supporting the band from day one.

CHELSEA ALLEY is a four-piece band composed of the two former Slapshock members such as Lean Ansing (Guitarist ) and Chi Evora (Drummer), added by Ariel Lumanlan (Guitarist) and  John Borja (Vocalist) along with JL Siscar of Even (Bassist), they surprised their fans with the jam-pack two sets of performances during the "1st STRIKE". In their first set, they introduced the new songs of Chelsea Alley which everyone enjoyed and in their second nostalgic set they showcased the songs of Slapshock, it highlighted the song HENERAL which they dedicated as a tribute song to Jamir Garcia. This song was written as a reminder that the love, the friendship, and the bond of the band, will cross over even in the next life and nothing will ever break it. During the time that they were performing it, the whole venue was wrapped with mixed emotions, some were in tears and some were just enjoying the show while they were reminiscing the old times with HENERAL (Jamir Garcia).

During the event, Evora and Ansing gave their heartfelt message that inspires a lot of attendees, to always be strong and always be grateful for God's boon. They also gave their appreciation to all the fans who attended the event and the organizers who gave their blast efforts for the success of the 1st strike.

John Borja also serenaded the crowd with his solo acoustic performance of his covered song “Numb by Linkin Park”. Aside from these amazeballs scenarios from Borja and Chelsea Alley, they also invited and showed their support to the other upcoming bands like Carissa, Divina, and Snakefight who also contributed to hype the night.

To sum it up, it was a great launching night for all the people involved in the show. ROCK ON!

Peace, love, and music!

Heneral Music Video:

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