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Apr 15, 2022
Hello Mars To Release “Padyak (all)”

Introducing "HELLO MARS" and their new single "PADYAK (ALL)" to be released on different digital platforms on April 29, 2022. Hello Mars is a four-piece band composed of Kap Zero (Vocals and Guitar), ALT-TAB (Lead Guitarist), Spirit Rider (Bassist), and Zurgeon (Drummer), they were launched last February 11, 2022 under the Rakista Records Label and they are now very excited to share their new single not just to the Marsians (Hello Mars Fans)  but to all the music lovers around the universe. 

The song was already released last year yet according to Spirit Rider when asked, what's the story behind the title? He said that; "PADYAK" was the original title of the song but in this new track, all the members of the band were singing the song therefore they re-titled it as "PADYAK (all)". Nowadays like everybody else who are into riding a bike, Zurgeon said that the inspiration for this song has something to do with their hobby which is biking.

Here is the additional information about the song answered by their vocalist, Kap Zero.

Interviewer: Any interesting stuff about the song or chismis you want to share with us?

Kap Zero: Bago namin i-record yung kanta, pinarinig ko kay Ian How yung kanta. Tawa sya ng tawa. Di ko alam kung bakit.


Interviewer: Define the song and what will people expect?

Kap Zero: It’s energetic with a little bit of metal.

So what are you waiting for Marscians? Don't forget to Pre-save and Stream "PADYAK (ALL)".



PRE-SAVE "PADYAK (all)": https://ingrv.es/padyak-all-62j-7



FOLLOW “HELLO MARS” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellomarsph