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Sep 02, 2021
Foo Fighters Proudly Rock Out Their Song "No Son of Mine" With Anghel Ng Lansangan

Who would have thought that the American Rock Band - Foo Fighters could still bring their fans into a whole new level of rock song during this challenging time of Pandemic? Well, the band incredibly launched their song "No Son of Mine" last 31st of March 2021.


The music video virtually takes their fans into an extraordinary countryside ride with the help of Anghel Ng Lansangan, one of the oldest running custom motorcycle clubs in the Philippines. Aside from making devilish choppers, the group shares a great taste in music too. They are big big fans of Foo Fighters that's why their collaboration means a lot to the riders.




Foo Fighters proudly acknowledged the group by posting "Anghel ng Lansangan, one of the oldest running custom motorcycle clubs in PH and huge fans of the Foo Fighters, rock out to Medicine at Midnight while they thunder through the mountains of Bulacan. Thanks for taking us on a ride through your beautiful countryside. Can’t wait to rock out in person!" The outcome of their collaboration goes perfectly with the power and complexion of the track. It was directed and filmed by Michael Eijansantos, a Foo Fighter fan, an adventure motorcycle rider, and SPIN.ph correspondent. 


Watch and support "No Son Of Mine" on Youtube now!