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Aug 23, 2021
Christian Tomacruz Also Known As "TOMA" Soundly Returns To Record Music With Jejaview

It's been a challenging minute since we last heard Jejaview's primary vocalist, Christian Tomacruz "TOMA" needs to undergo brain surgery, last 28th of May 2021. According to Jejaview's Official Facebook Account, MRI scans have shown that a mass has formed in his brain that will require surgery. On top of that, his gout has adversely affected his kidneys. 


After spreading the news regarding his situation, tons of fans immediately lend some help in any way possible. Toma, together with his band, humbly thanked all those people who helped them. Thereafter, Toma underwent multiple tests and medications. Mercifully, he survived and got better than ever. Withal, Toma sincerely expressed his gratitude towards Neurosurgeon Kevin Ivan Chan and the team for saving his life. 


Last Sunday, August 22, 2021, Toma posted a photo on his Facebook account with the caption "Got to record music again with Jejaview after a few months of lay off. Excited to release our first single soon. Love y’all!" Many are excited to feel again his “rocker spirit” together with the band. Toma gladly returns with a better version of himself and is ready to sing again.