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Aug 17, 2021
The Official Music Video Of "Wala Lang" By I Belong To The Zoo Is Now On YouTube

The Indie Music Artist Argee Guerrero of I Belong to the Zoo finally released the most awaited music video of his song "Wala lang" last Monday, August 16, 2021 after releasing "Paumanhin Official MV" a week ago. The official MV was directed and edited by Mr. Paolo Tabuena with his production manager Mr. Nicholo Basa. It was a heartbreaking yet inspiring music video that indeed screams the heart of fans. Ms. Sophie Reyes and Mr. Jerome Dawis played a big part in the music video as the main cast.

"Wala lang" released its official lyric video last July 11, 2020 with 281,365 views as of today. Countless fans dropped their different heart-rending experiences after listening to the song and shout for an official music video. In the long run, Argee Guerrero released it and received heartwarming support from his fans. If there's one word everyone could agree on describing the official music video— it's heartbreaking.

Check out and watch the official music video of "Wala lang" on youtube now!