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Aug 02, 2021
From "Paalam" To "Pasalubong"

On Friday, July 30, Ben&Ben and Moira Dela Torre, shared their much anticipated new music video "Pasalubong". They worked together last 2020 on the song "Paalam" and this new song of theirs marks their second collaboration. 


The song is a romantic confessional, with lyrics about longing and confusion over a love that might or might not be returned and the title was inspired by a Filipino term that can refer to a "gift" as well as a word that can also indicate "to meet". 

Moira and Jason Marvin Hernandez, a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter duet, contributed to the completion of the lyrics and added lines that gave the song its enduring pop appeal. “For Pasalubong, we started with the original song and added components to it while driving to Ben&Ben's house,” Moira explains. She also highlighted the song's lyrics' honesty, saying "It isn't so common anymore today to say what you mean. So I love that after a whole song of poetry, we end with the simplest but scariest lines to say…'gusto kita' (I like you)."