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Jul 29, 2021
Founding Slipknot Member, Joey Jordison, Dies At 46

Slipknot's founding drummer Nathan Jonas "Joey" Jordison, has died "peacefully in his sleep" at 46, on Monday, July 26. His family did not specify the cause of his death, but last 2016, Joey announced that he was suffering from a neuro-immune disorder while accepting the Golden God award.

The renowned heavy metal band was formed from Des Moines, Iowa, in 1995 and finally debuted in 1999. Joey was also born from this place and played several metal bands including the Pale Ones, which later become Slipknot. The name of the band "Slipknot" was originally named by Joey, after one of their song titles. The band got multiple Grammy Awards for the Best Metal Performance, Hard Rock Performance, and Best Rock Album from 2001 to 2016.

Joey was also known as the co-writer of Slipknot's many biggest hits. Apart from being famous due to his aggressive rhythms and spirited drumming performances, many are proud to see Joey's talent through writing songs. The band's last live performance with Joey came as part of the Monsters of Rock Festival in Brazil was in 2013.

The drummer's family asked their friends, fans, and the media to respect and understand their need for privacy as they grieve during this challenging period. A private funeral service will be held for family and close friends.