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Jan 11, 2022
Have A Breather With Even’s Raw & Acoustic Version of "Dolores"

EVEN is ascertained to unfasten and prove their unique sonic tune, and they are now back with the much-anticipated acoustic version of "Dolores."

Following the undying demand for this version of “Dolores”, at long last, it will finally be heard on January 14, 2022 as a result of EVEN's response to the earnest fans: "Ever since we released the studio and rock version, maraming nag re-request ng acoustic version. That’s why, ginawa namin talaga ito for the supporters." 


EVEN has been flourishing on the ground of pinoy rock for over a decade now. Anyone would lose count of how colossal their achievements are, including being the 2008 grand champion of every pinoy rocker’s stage — the Red Horse Beer Muziklaban. The band consists of four compelling artists, namely Jam Bumanlag on guitars, Dan Allan Acosta on drums, JL Siscar on bass, and KD Dasco — the band’s new vocalist, who has just joined the act in 2020 but has been adding a new color of outstanding charisma to Even’s identity. 


As a matter of fact, Dolores is the band's first song for which KD came forth in writing the lyrics as the new vocalist. To all intents and purposes, the song was supposed to set off in this version, which according to EVEN is "more earthy and acoustic guitar based." However, along the process of making the single, they met halfway to adhere to their metal rock circumference.  

As per Jam Bumanlag, "Dolores" was a chapel he often used to visit when he was in his younger years in Pampanga, where he originally came from. In essence, the name ‘Dolores’ means, "Our Lady of Sorrows."


EVEN gives the game away, as the song will unarguably give out a breathing space of refreshing sense that is quite new to the ears from their usual hard, weighty sound. It is not a run-off at the mouth that the 4-piece electronic metal act is widely famous for their fx pedal tunes, which are their trademark, whether it may be in studio or live. More than this, Even is known for their wild and prodigious song arrangements, which cling to the wavelength of their adroit style of maneuvering the instruments.


This time, the band disclosed that they did not use an effects unit for the song. Henceforth, the members are interested and stirred by hearing what the listeners have to say and are hopeful that the fans will find it stimulating and restoring.


On the 14th of this month, “Dolores” will be available on your favorite digital music platforms. Don't forget to pre-save the song so you can be the first to hear it!

Click here to pre-save and be the first to listen: https://ingrv.es/dolores-gxf-d