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Dec 28, 2021
Chelsea Alley Dedicate Their First Single "Heneral", To The Late Jamir Garcia

Before the end of the year, the era of thirstily waiting for Chelsea Alley has finally winded down to a border, as the birth of their first single becomes an anthem for Filipino rock audiences. 


The band's "Heneral," without a single doubt, escorts a sentient tribute for the late Jamir Garcia, whose legacy and memories are bred-in-the-bone to their hearts, bringing the melancholic, powerful, yet wonderstruck feeling. The song emanates ear-grabbing and hypnotic lyrics, embodying raw and deep-rooted emotions that clearly carry through its intended message for the “Heneral” — even holding you a touch of nostalgic feeling of remembering the times when you were facing Slapshock in front of the audience.


In some such way, the listeners were able to hear Chelsea Alley's first single, that flows down an emotional closure for the late Jamir. As the chorus bids: “Paalam na / Hindi ka na mag-iisa sa dusa / Paalam na / Ako na ang bahala / Masakit mang ika’y mawala.”


Listen here:

In a nutshell, "Heneral" outperformed everyone's expectations for Chelsea Alley. The rhythm figures' tapping, bolstered by their sharp and neat riffs, results in a killer hook that visibly demonstrates the band's dexterity. Sonically, the tempo of the drums was panned hard right, reinforcing depth and dynamism. The song's arrangements were balanced beautifully with the crazy and implausible vocal transitions of John Borja, from hardcore scream to melodic voice.


All-embracing, Chelsea Alley’s “Heneral” received so much love from listeners who could not hold back their anticipation for the band’s nearest live stage performance. With all the support, the members transport their warm appreciation for the fans. 

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