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Dec 10, 2021
Seasick Wants To Remind You That You Are “Worth It”

Being paralyzed by a deafening voice inside one’s head leaving nothing but a space full of uncertainties from all the questions left unanswered, is a life aspect that would put anyone at his lowest. 


Conveying the state of existential crisis is a tough row to hoe but the pop-punk band, Seasick, has stood the ground and made sure to bring forth a masterpiece song called, “Worth It” that narrates the detrimental phase of losing one’s self and getting caught in a deep slumber of loneliness, yet still bearing up to the track of uncovering his life purpose and self-worth. 

The single "Worth It" embeds a remarkable meaning of relatability to its listeners, accompanied by its sick instrumental elements, bringing out the section of Seasick's vast musicality from the hard knock of drums to the neat strummed of guitars. With its heartwarming music video that contains words of encouragement written on a piece of paper from different faces, the visuals cohere that your existence itself is a book that everyone would not get tired of appreciating and reading all over again just the way it is. Therefore,  you are loved and special. 


Worth It, is the third single of pop-punk quintet Seasick, since their debut in December 2019.  Formed by individuals emerging from different cities of the country namely, Rafael San Andres (vocalist), Beethoven Ponciano (drummer), Lex Agnazata (bassist), Ian Balagtas (guitarist), and Jigson Villanueva (guitarist), the band’s musical style composed of rock with an emphasis of experimentation from pop-punk to easy-core, post-hardcore to emo. In spite of the inevitable challenges laid out by the current situation of the pandemic, Seasick consistently proves they are the rising stars of the rock scene that everyone must watch out for. 

So far, the act has already released four incredible songs: Runaway, which admirably talks about how the person who leaves your side also gets his heart crushed too; Smile, which has a different flavor and element from their debut single; Worth it, that emits the pop-punk sound of dealing with self-worth. 


After officially signing under the new music label, Rakista Records on November 26, anticipate that you will see more of them in the coming date. As Seasick excitedly announced, “We will strive harder to create and release more songs for everyone to hear. This is a huge step for us to reach for our dreams.” 

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