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Nov 27, 2021
Typecast Vocalist Steve Frank Badiola Is Recovering And Expected To Have Knee Operation After Hit-And-Run

Steve Frank Badiola, the vocalist and guitarist of the Filipino emo rock band, Typecast, was rushed to the hospital after a hit and run early Friday in BPI El Grande Avenue, Paranaque City. 


Corresponding to an online statement posted by his significant other, Sarah, the rock artist was biking along the way to the neighboring convenience store from their village to purchase food at around 2:30 a.m., when he was hit by a vehicle.


The driver sped away. Though the perpetrator's identity has not yet been determined, the vehicle's license plate number was fortunately documented by CCTV. Shortly after the incident, their close friends and family aided an arm and hand in coordinating with police to investigate the matter.


The 39-year-old Steve is now obtaining a barrel of medical attention after receiving knee injury and fractured. "Steve is currently in the ER with his knee badly injured and fractured with an open wound that you can almost see his knee cap through the gaping wound," Sarah, his partner disclosed.


Steve is in the pipeline to have knee surgery soon for the treatment of his condition.


Along the lines of what happened, Sarah voiced her earnest gratitude to those who reached out their hands in response to the unfortunate situation that occurred, “Extending my appreciation to our friends and family  who have driven me back and forth, spoken to police in the village, packed bags for us, and made sure Steve and I have everything we need during his confinement.”


On the other side of the coin, Sarah is requesting everyone to hope, support, and pray for her partner's full and speedy recovery. They say every cloud has a silver lining — among other things, Steve stretched his brief message of optimism through Sarah, that the incident will serve as a high catalyst of motivation to go the extra mile for his future music.


“Steve sends his love to everyone. Like the true artist that he is, he says this incident is an inspiration for new music.”


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