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Nov 24, 2021
A Warm Welcome To The First Artists Who Sign Under The Rakista Records - "Even" & "Orphan Freakshow"

The hearsay that has disseminated was not a tissue of lies! You have kept your ears to the ground that on November 19, the span-new independent label in the zone, Rakista Records, finally announced straight from the horse’s mouth, the predicted first artists who officially signed with them, namely the force of rock music, EVEN and Orphan Freakshow - via live on Rakista Radio's Facebook page on Friday. 


(The metal meets electronica meets FX pedal-based band)


The screen was jam-packed in the fast lane, as Even is now confirmed to be the first band to sign with Rakista Records. The live contract signing was chock-full by the festive hearts of Even supporters. The champion band by nature has been playing their fingers to the bone in the Pinoy rock scene for more than a decade now and has achieved enough to be labeled as one of the greatest along with their sublime original roots. 


It’s not odd that Even, without exception, play their cards deftly with electrifying tight riffs and arrangements having grown accustomed to quality sound results. Comprised of genius musicians Jam Bumanlag on guitar, Dan Acosta on drums, and JL Siscar on bass - the act revealed the whole nine yards felt like a new one when KD Dasco has joined them as vocalist last year, adding a sweet and spice flavor to their music attribute. Although adjustments were inevitable, KD blends in so well to the band, emitting her fiery vocals. Packing an inundating amount of gratefulness, KD covered Even songs in the past - she even had auditioned before with her band in Muziklaban when she first met Jam Bumanlag as a sound engineer of Rakista Radio for the said event. Who would have guessed the two stars would eventually meet and collide together as bandmates now?


In light of the fence the pandemic has sent out, never on a cold day in July, Even halt to pour their hearts out in making songs. In fact, during this pandemic, they successfully put out three charging music: Dolores, Quatro, and Isabel. Now that they are part of Rakista Records, expect to see more blood and thunder performance from them. Just spring to mind, the band disclosed their new single “Alessandra” will be out soon! Support them as a new band under Rakista Records. 


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FB: https://www.facebook.com/evenphilippines


(Industrial and NU metal artist)


It is once in a blue moon to meet an artist who can break fresh ground in an unconventional spectacular way: giving you access to full submersion of heavy emotion that would direct your spine in a straight creep; leaving you a raw feeling of goosebumps; and an eye-opener for numbness and vulnerability for silent monsters. Sunil Dholwani, popularly known as Orphan Freakshow has mastered this form so well that he defines his music as his alter ego. 


Orphan Freakshow, with his silent spine-chilling name, is enamored in the circus of life, carnival of puppets, and theater of shadows that translate in his craft. As per him, his music covering down in the clumps signifies his alter identity which pours out his buried weight of inner emotion he has been hard-carrying for a long time - a journey that is never like a cakewalk. It may sound Greek to you, but the former member of Reborn and Mortal Grudge is clinically diagnosed with depression - the therapy he has been taking in a spacious room to overcome the daily days in a whole piece of tickled pink, is music. 


He narrates his all-encompassing dark story through his songs that manifest far and wide to listeners’ souls - partnering by an unusual loose cannon visuals of heebie-jeebies, spiking everything that runs in his profound wounded mind. Freakshow=me and Filth, his two previously released songs, have drowning lyrical content, defining his distinct and jaw-dropping identity.  The insides of you definitely crave for these masterpieces - at some point, Orphan Freakshow represents your other self that is hidden from the view of many. 


As a new artist of Rakista Records, Sunil revealed that he’s close to wrapping his debut full-length album. Keep in touch, filth nation, as Orphan Freakshow's upcoming tracks will devour you!


Follow Orphan Freakshow: linktr.ee/orphanfreakshow

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Tiktok: orphanfreakshow


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