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Nov 02, 2021
Right Up Your Alley: Presenting The Long-Awaited Frontman Of Chelsea Alley, John Borja

It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that music has been invariably producing an exquisite harmony and form with passion. Its aspects of powerful red-blooded beats, riveting melodies, and consuming lyrics always have that unexplainable factor that could dig deeper into the spirit and mirror one’s soul. Undeniably, it is a story that has its beginning but has no end, for it is likely that anyone would want to be forever immersed by it. 

A person who has an indestructible rope and deep connection with music - John Borja has long realized his never-ending passion for singing at a young age when he was still based in Cebu. It was an epoch when he tasted the mouthwatering flavor that music could give to him. Even after moving to Manila in 2005, his passion never once halted - until he met the people who had the same interests as him and ignited the Radical Faith, and created songs together, emphasizing that faith was what made them radical. After his noteworthy experience with them, John Borja decided to depart from the band to explore the different genres as a musician. He then, later on, formed another aptitude band called StereoHead, a group of individuals who performed in pub under-scoring Alternative 90’s music.


Accentuating genres such as Punk, Metal, Pop Rock, Alternative, and among others - you could say that he is a huge freak of nature, who has an uncommon and extraordinary talent for singing.  John’s vocals are a hell of a ride; he could transcend from melodic to a heavy style of singing; his raspy voice is a style that is ultimately one of a kind.  His music is greatly influenced by adept bands like Slapshock, Linkin Park, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Bon Jovi, Bee Gees, and even Stone Temple Pilots. 


Speaking of the crackerjack band, Stone Temple Pilots, who are best known for their amazing tracks Interstate Love Song, Plush, Creep, and Wicked Garden - it was February of 2016 when the remaining members' Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo, and Eric Kretz announced that they will be seeking a new frontman. After a month the auditions began, John recorded and uploaded a series of entry videos on Youtube highlighting his medley of STP songs, and it gained massive views. 


Out of all the 22,000 participants all over the world, John got an exceptional call from STP’s guitarist, Dean DeLeo, and got invited to Los Angeles, California, where he performed some gigs with the band that he looked up to - it was considered as the pinnacle and surreal event in his life. Despite not being picked as the new Stone Temple Pilots’ vocalist, him being the top candidate and his first-hand experience with them was one of the dreams that he successfully achieved as a musician. 


John has always been enwrapped to find his best range, he wanted to reach the peak of high tune of note just like Chester Bennington’s that possessed a three-octave tenor vocal range. His interminable diligence in his craft is as clear as crystal that no wonder his vocals are superior. He recorded a demo of Linkin Park’s Numb and Leave Out All The Rest with Rene Serna, which has gotten the full attention of Slapshock’s former members Lean Ansing and Chi Evora. 


And the tale of Chelsea Alley then started. 

The four brilliant artists John Borja, Lean Ansing, Chi Evora, and Ariel Lumanlan have come together to blow your ears and put you on the edge of your seat with their music. 


A ripple of excitement to the birth of music’s knights, Chelsea Alley! 

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