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Oct 23, 2021
CLR, Awi Columna, & Yoh Andrada Heart-Fluttering Collaboration, "Walang Wakas"


Art by CLMRarts



A heart-melting triple collaboration! 


Who would have thought that the combination of CLR, Awi Columna, and Yoh Andrada would insanely be a feast for the ears - you will directly be struck by cupid’s arrow! “Walang Wakas” is a song that both serenades and tugs one’s heart. With its classic and soothing sound, anyone would be swept off their feet. 

The three musicians have gotten the blend just right: Chester Lalinjaman Romo, a.k.a CLR, embarks his one-of-a-kind style of rapping with his melodic voice that can turn any track into an LSS one; Awi Columna lights his drop-dead vocals that add a flavor to the piece; Anthony Jay, or simply known as Yoh Andrada takes out a surprising, calming, and an expressive part that certainly made the song even more appealing.   

With their vocals being put into one setting, the song just simply produces an overflowing wave of lullaby and ray of sunshine that gently stroke listeners’ emotions. Under the direction of Ephraim Abarca, the music video, with its eloquent lyrics give off an intoxicating feeling of going far from being with the right person. It leaves a piece that love is a bottomless well - it never runs out and that it lasts forever. The three really guaranteed a song that would lead you off the cliff. 


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