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Oct 02, 2021
Listen To Lion And The Scouts Full Album For Free!

Music has long been accustomed as a channel to convey social consciousness through symbolic and meaningful lyrics, a creditable theme for which Lion and the Scouts have been recognized.

With a dimension full of tranquilizing waves - Lion and the Scouts always set their feet forward, carrying a relaxing melody and groovy flow through their tunes that never fail to bedazzle the listeners. Formed in 2010, the reggae band started their career by covering Bob Marley’s songs, who is regarded as one of the pioneers of reggae. Soon after, they hit it off by writing their own original addicting compositions, such as Kalayaan, Bayo, and Usok. Until today, they continue to live up to their goal, which is to inspire and make a significant difference in society through their ravishing music. Undoubtedly, the band’s identity as creative artists has been ingrained down to their roots with their emitted fiery songs.

For that reason, the band is indeed very aware of how much you are keenly waiting for their tracks.


Finally, Lion and the Scouts are back again to launch their full album, giving a heart-melting gift to their supporters - You can listen to all of the tracks for free!!

Track list:

  1. Byahe
  2. Away ng Away
  3. Kaisipan
  4. Kumawala ka
  5. Pag-ibig sa Bayan
  6. Panaginip
  7. Takasan
  8. Tanod
  9. Usok

Listen, enjoy, and support it by clicking the link below!