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Oct 02, 2021
"Tampuhan" Official Music Video By Awi Columna And Junnie Boy

Team Payaman’s Junnie Boy and Awi Columna take the maneuver to a diverting action-like Music video, entitled “Tampuhan” - a flabbergasting collaboration you didn’t know you needed.

Directed by Ephraim Abarca, the music video gives off an action-packed storyline, associated with an unexpected twist at the end. The special participation of their own spouses, Vien Iligan and Mei Mashood, as well as the other team payaman’s members, Keng Gaspar, Michael Magnata, Aaron Macacua, and Dudut De Guzman, made the video even more engrossing to watch.

Their song “Tampuhan” which relates to scenarios to what couples commonly go through and experience, was written and composed by Awi Columna himself that narrates how couples come upon to a phase of encountering a conflict and quarrel in a circle of relationship, accentuating that such chapter is normal and doesn’t equate to toxicity, because it goes by the essence of their love for each other, prevailing at the end of the line. Moreover, together with its sick beats, the song spits catchy metaphorical lyrics such as, “Galit ni misis, parang thesis mahirap ‘yan mawala,” which compares women’s outrage to a thesis that is complex.

With a current view count of 248, 000 in less than 24 hours after its release, the mv continues to advance a stride taking more attention from the audience.




About Junnie Boy

Marlon Velasquez, going by the name of ‘Junnie Boy’, is a vlogger and social media influencer notable for his comedic personality. Junnie Boy, together with his brother Cong (Cong TV), are both well known for their vlogs' humorous content and entertaining skits that deeply capture and draw the interest of netizens. Their witty and hilarious antics eventually led to the formation of the popular Youtube vlog squad today, ‘Team Payaman’.




About Awi Columna

Awi Columna is a singer, songwriter, and lead vocals of the rock band “COLN” which was brought forth in 2018 by a group of friends namely Awi himself, Yow Andrada (bass), Gio Herrera (lead guitar), Nins Denso (drummer), and led by Cong Velasquez (vocals, lead guitar).