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Sep 14, 2021
Right Up Your Alley: Chi Evora’s New Rock Beginning With “Chelsea Alley”

It is believed that no one can defy his calling. When one’s heart declares what it wants, its beat will lead to a cast-iron decision - to follow its desire. In the same way, when the euphony of music and instruments submerges in someone’s soul, it blossoms into a flourishing passion. The moment when you first discover the wonders that music and playing instruments can bring into your life, you will not be able to imagine life without them - like a portion of food you cannot live without. This is the kind of phase Chi Evora went through when he became immersed in becoming a musician and drummer, that without a second thought he made a firm decision to drop out of college to pursue his brassbound desire to perform with the band - Slapshock.

It has been like living in a dream for Chi Evora during the last 23 years with Slapshock: being able to perform and work with his bandmates, to work with diverse artistic musicians, and to pursue his great passion while being able to support his family’s necessities. As a drummer of Slapshock, his dedication and devotion to the band are infrangible that he declined to be a member of Arcadia, a hardcore local band created in 2007.

Established in 1997 by driven individuals Chi Evora (drummer), Lean Ansing (lead guitarist), Lee Nadela (bassist), Jerry Basco (rhythm guitarist), and Jamir Garcia (vocalist) who joined in 1998, Slapshock had made an enormous contribution to the music industry, and their legacy is indisputably one of the supremes. Consequently, when the shocking demise of the band’s legendary hard-rock vocalist, Jamir Garcia, came in the way last year, it caused unbearable pain to the family, bandmates, friends, fans, and along the path of the music scene.

Curing the profound wound of melancholy has undoubtedly been a difficult process for Chi, especially when you lose a friend and brother most suddenly. But there is certainly one thing that helps him, Cycling enables him to progressively mend his broken heart. Enthralled and at one with the majesty of nature, riding a bicycle has become a form of therapy - healing that has brought him closer to God and cleared a direction to unlock his new chapter in making music.

Therefore, his musical adventure is far from over. A new journal has been unfolded to write about his expedition with the most-awaited new band, “Chelsea Alley”.

The teaser photo that was posted online last August by Lean Ansing about the formation of Chelsea Alley, had many fans shaking in excitement. The delight that Chi and Lean, at last, have formed a new band after the surprising breakup of Slapshock, and will perform again with the crowd, definitely is what the music scene and fans are looking forward to.

Ultimately, on the 12th of September, a video entitled “Right up your alley” produced by Macbeth PH and The film alley, featuring the Chelsea Alley’s drummer, Chi Evora, was released, where Chi revealed that the lineup for the band has been completed. Curious about who the other members are, aside from the two, it turns out that Ariel Lumanlan - a guitar prodigy, is one of the other members of the band. Unknown to many, Ariel has been a good friend of Slapshock members since 2006. When the remaining members’ Chi, Lean, and the late Jamir had to perform in Muziklaban (2020), it was Ariel who willingly joined them to give a smashing stage together. With the strong bond and relationship, Ariel has established with both Chi and Lean, it is unquestionable for him to be a member of high-anticipated, Chelsea Alley.

Finally, the last member who would be the voice and frontman of the band was also revealed. After seeing the cover of John Borja singing to Linkin Park’s Numb, which was posted on his Youtube Channel a year ago, a sudden goosebump was enough for Lean and Chi to be convinced right away, to have him as the band’s vocalist.

The Chelsea Alley’s completed lineup, namely Lean Ansing, Chi Evora, Ariel Lumanlan, and John Borja, whose individual skills and talents are top-tier, the fans could expect an alpha song release. The band is planning and preparing to unleash their first-ever album after the pandemic, so everyone should keep them on track.

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