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Aug 25, 2021
Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones Notable Drummer, Dies At 80

Charles Robert Watts, a jazz devotee and Rolling Stones’ legendary drummer who carved a respected name in the history of the music industry, has died on Tuesday at the age of 80.



“It is with immense sadness that we announce the death of our beloved Charlie Watts. He passed away peacefully in a London Hospital surrounded by his family,” his spokesperson said in a statement. “Charlie was a cherished husband, father, and grandfather and also as a member of the greatest drummers of his generation,” he added.


Following the tragic news, condolences poured in starting from his bandmates to a broad range of rock icons, including Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr of The Beatles, as well as Elton John who expressed the heaviness of their hearts at the death of one of the renowned artists in the history of Rock N Roll. Earlier this month before Charlie’s death, the Rolling Stones revealed that he would be missing from the band’s “No Filter” tour in North America this year, due to unspecified health conditions.



Charlie Watts was born on June 2, 1941, in Neasden, London. He fell in love with jazz music, at an early age and had grown fond of listening to jazz icons, like Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Charles Mingus. He was then captivated with playing drums, and later on, performed with a variety of groups who shared the same interests as him. He joined the Rolling Stones in 1963 that brought a red string to the band and has been rocking the stage for decades since then.



He even thought that the band would not stay long because every other band he had been in had barely lasted a week. Watts had no idea that the Rolling Stones would be a tremendous hit with him being the drummer. Despite being a successful member of the band, Watts never did once forget his passion for jazz. Whenever he had free time from touring with the Rolling Stones, he would gather together and perform with talented jazz groups.



The Rolling Stones, a British rock band formed by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Brian Jones, along with Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman, began performing in pubs and clubs in and around West London. They have quickly risen to prominence, becoming one of the most popular bands of their generation. However, in 1969, Jones was eliminated from the group and later discovered dead in his swimming pool. Despite this tragic happening, the remaining members continued to make songs that have defined who they are and have paved the path for nearly 60 years.


Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, Aftermath, Some Girls, Tattoo You, and many others are some of the Rolling Stones’ best-selling albums, each of which has sold millions of copies, according to Chart Masters. Their songs even made it to the charts with hits like Honky Tonk Women, Satisfaction, Start Me Up, Angie, Miss You, and others.