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Aug 21, 2021
Jamir Garcia’s Debut Single Is Set To Release On His Birthday

On Friday, August 20, Jamir Garcia's brother, Kenneth, and family divulged an open letter in which they reminisced their precious memories of Jamir, especially the times when he would return home to spend time and bond with them. The priceless relationship they had shared remains a vivid memory for the family as if it were only yesterday when he was still with them.



They even disclosed that he had been consistently keen on writing songs that signified his admirable devotion to making music. The family recalled how he jubilantly shared with them the solo songs he had worked on with radiant anticipation over releasing his album. 


“Jamir wrote the songs in his solo album throughout the different stages of his musical life. Music was and always had been Jamir’s first true love and passion. Music was his one true North. He had often told us that his solo album would be the pinnacle of his musical journey."


Jamir Garcia, the frontman of Slapshock, committed suicide by hanging on November 26, 2020, at the age of 42. According to Jamir's beloved loved ones, months before his death, he sent a message to them saying he had already finalized the songs and was ready to unfold the album, displaying an aspiration to conquer the stage, as a solo artist.


With this, to honor him and commemorate his upcoming birthday, Jamir’s family would like to let the loyal fans know that his first single is expected to launch on September 5. Producing Jamir’s album became possible thanks to the hands of Rico Blanco and his music label, Balcony Entertainment. Jamir’s brother, Kenneth, and family could not express in words how beyond grateful they are with Rico’s help, as well as Jamir’s band brothers Lean and Chi, his friends Jared, Mon, and Jowee, and his Macbeth family.


Jamir Garcia’s reputation in the music industry had left an indelible mark. Regardless of his passing, his songs will forever be a living proof that a man like him was born to be a legendary artist.