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Aug 12, 2021
Mewo TV Flashes An Igniting Tattoo Competition For The First Time

On Wednesday, August 11th, Mewo TV announced its first-ever tattoo competition, which drew immediate attention from avid supporters and interested participants.

The competition aims to discover and showcase the skills and talents of tattoo artists which will feature incredible prizes for winners. Mewo TV is currently accepting sponsorship from those who can be benefactors to support the aforementioned upcoming event. Further information regarding the mechanics will be released at a later date.

Chris Mark Manipol, commonly known as Mewo TV, is a tattoo artist who established Mewo Ink shop in November 2013 that provides tattoo and piercing services. His Facebook page Mewo TV has already mounted 59,809 likes and 180,614 followers. Chris Mark Manipol has gained a variety of life experiences, whether it may be rain or shine, and has been able to make the best out of them, leading to success in his endeavor, which has made him a great artist in his craft today. Recently, he successfully launched his new business, Mewo Milk tea, as a result of his continued hard work. With this, it is no longer a surprise that his client base continues to increase in number, as a result of his quality services.

If you have a passion and talent for tattooing, do not miss out on your chance to join the competition. For inquiries, please contact the following numbers:


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