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Aug 06, 2021
Global Pinoy Music: Promoting OPM On a Global Scale Through Collaboration With International Artists

Warner Music Philippines (WMP) has launched a new project called ‘Global Pinoy Music’ (GLOPM) to represent Filipino artists worldwide. This movement aims to promote Filipino music while collaborating with artists from all over the world.


“One of the visions we have at Warner is to have a way for our artist to shine on the world stage. It has always been our guiding principle for the artists we sign” WMP A&R Manager Kelley Mangahas explains in an interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “So why don’t we try to really do it and try to give a roadmap for all of these artists to get there… I think it is about time to really make a push for our artists to really find their own voice, just like how Koreans found their own, on the world stage.”


WMP has been aiming to accomplish this by partnering local artists with Filipino producers and Global artists. Although this is not the first time to take a step to promote OPM internationally, WMP wants to make a more impactful phase for Filipino music to pave the world setting even further. Aside from this, the GLOPM project intends to present how diverse and beautiful Filipino culture is through this music platform. In addition, this movement allows artists to showcase their color and distinct style in music. 


“We wanted to choose and pair them with producers and artists who would elevate the type of music they are creating,” Kelley explains. “This is invaluable for all of them. They learn lessons from all these people and how it is done globally. And because they are Filipinos, they are not so foreign… there is comfortability, there is a shared experience that you’re pushing for something. That’s what we want to achieve with GLOPM.”


GLOPM has currently launched its first set of collaborations. The first is “Anticipation,” by the indie-pop duo Leanne & Naara, who collaborated with internationally acclaimed producer August Rigo, who has worked with Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, and BTS, among many others.

The Philippines is well-known for producing gifted artists. This country’s love for music is irrefutable and incredible. Music has always been a significant part of its identity and culture. This is obvious from the way karaoke dominates every occasion and celebration. The Filipinos passion for music, both listening to and creating it, is indeed admirable. Music truly completes every endeavor of people. As a result, it is no longer surprising to witness and watch their oozing talents. 


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