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Aug 05, 2021
Exhilaration Explodes Over The Teaser of The New Band, “Chelsea Alley”

Former Slapshock members Lean Ansing and Chi Evora are believed to be the primary members of a new band called, “Chelsea Alley”. This comes after Lean Ansing shared a photo on Facebook inviting everyone to follow the page Chelsea Alley along with the hashtag #tuloyangtugtugan, sparking speculation that the two have finally formed their own band. 


After hearing the news, many supporters could not even contain their excitement and anticipation. Fans have expressed their curiosity as to who the other members are, and they are eagerly waiting for the music that they will produce. Pretty much across the board, both received a lot of positive feedback from their fans. 


Lean Ansing was the lead guitarist of Slapshock, while Chi Evora was the drummer. Slapshock was a Filipino heavy metal band founded in 1997. When the group disbanded in the year 2020, it caused a huge scandal. After 23 years, the band called it quits in October 2020, when bassist Lee Nadela revealed the band’s demise. In the same year, November 26th, their vocalist Jamir Garcia was discovered dead in his home after committing suicide. 


The loyal supporters are now dearly looking forward to the announcement of the additional members of Chelsea Alley. They are over the moon while anticipating the details regarding the band’s debut. 


Facebook: Chelsea Alley

Instagram: @chelseaalleyph