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Jul 29, 2021
Jinjer Brings The Fire With a New Exquisite Single, “Mediator”

The Ukrainian progressive metal band, Jinjer, has finally unleashed a 2nd Single called “Mediator”. Released under Napalm Records, their official video blisters viewers, and listeners on edge.




Tatiana Shmayluk, Jinjer’s vocalist, revealed in Revolver's recent cover story that "Mediator" was the result of an online personality test she took at the suggestion of a friend. "I'm always ready to do some psychology and self-analysis," she explained. "The result I got was 'mediator,' which has to do with compassionate, sensitive people. I feel this is basically another word for 'introvert' or 'wallflower' — it's all connected."


The song is from the band’s highly anticipated album, “Wallflowers”, which is set to release by Napalm Records on August 27th. According to the band, “Wallflowers” is a unique album both musically and visually. It tells their identity as a band, as individuals, and makes a strong statement that they are not like most artists… and that it is acceptable to pursue your own interests. Jinjer writes songs with various levels of emotion that ranges from the fiercest aggression they have experienced to the most intricate melodies and melancholic vibes people could ever get from their music. 


“Getting older, we often realize that the world around us is far from what we expected it to be. Through the eyes of a kid, everything seemed way more colorful, better and optimistic, didn’t it? When did it all turn wrong? When did it all turn so grey? Is this really the world’s fault? Or it is only about us chasing the wrong goals..the wrong careers, ambitions, and achievements, rather than embracing one important truth...Rephrasing John Lennon, if one chases something else other than happiness, then they don't understand life at all.”


Jinjer is a Ukrainian metalcore band from Donetsk, Ukraine that was originally formed in 2009. Their dedication and passion for music have made them one of the most popular bands with many sold-out shows all over the world.


Check out ‘Mediator’ on YouTube now.