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4,127 views Apr 17, 2018
Wilabaliw’s first tagalog song “Hindi Na Makita”

It’s been a month since Wilabaliw released their official music video of their first Tagalog song entitled “Hindi Na Makita”. It is also the first song that was released in Filipino language by Ian Tayao.


Since the song was written in Tagalog, the concept of the music video has elements of Filipino folk monsters. The lyrics were dark and at the same time deep, enough for the listeners to ask more questions about greed, politics, power or basically, about life. The said music video was produced by Wilabaliw and Tower Of Doom’s Carlos Perlas and Eric Perlas. It was also directed by the band’s frontman, Ian Tayao.



Wilabaliw is composed of Ian Tayao on vocals, Louis Isok on guitars, Keith Francisco on Bass and Jesso Montejo on drums.


Here is the official music video of “Hindi Na Makita” by Wilabaliw