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The True Disciples Releases Their New Album "Symptoms Of Insanity"

The True Disciples is a Filipino indie pop/alternative rock band from Laguna, formed in 2007 by singer-songwriter/guitarist Lee Gabriel, along with drummer Melvin Valdez, guitarist Renz Emmanuel Cantos JC Figuracion on bass.


The group’s musical genre’s been a mixture of alternative rock, indie pop, and experimental music influenced by several well-respected bands like The Beatles, Queen, and The Eraserheads. The band released their full-length album with 12 tracks entitled “Chorus Line” in 2008.

The group parted ways in 2009 due to the members going to different schools in college.


Lee Gabriel and Melvin Valdez managed to stay together and create more music. 


In 2010, a new set of three-piece band recorded songs together creating 2 albums with 11 tracks each called “Wandering Like a leaf” and “Symptoms of Insanity”.


March 2020, after 10 years of live shows hiatus, the three decided to form a band that can again play live, this time it’s Melvin Valdez as the lead guitarist, Lee Gabriel on Rhythm guitar/ Vocals, Gideon Dela Cruz on drums, and completing the lineup is Melvin Valdez’ childhood friend Joed Fernandez on bass.


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