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480 views Jun 11, 2020
Denice Lao With Her Brand New Song "Breathe"

Singer-songwriter Denice Lao returns with an acoustic track that talks about finding peace amidst chaos by remembering those who love us.

Written during the quarantine period, Denice collaborated with dancers who interpreted the song at the comforts of their own homes. 

Denice Lao partners with dancers Karina Dayrit, Cassie Remigio, and Marco Morial who showed their own interpretations of the song through movements. The song features many personal touches from Denice as she opens with the sound of the birds from their neighborhood recorded from her room to immortalize the clarity of birds singing during the quarantine.

A distinct piano sound was also noticeable tail-end which was actually an heirloom piano passed on to the singer-songwriter, meant to represent her family as one of the inspirations of the song.

Denice also did a Facetime Photography with Dichali Dela Cerna to fully maximize all the possible ways to continue creating music despite the restrictions of being in quarantine.

Get to know more about Denice and her songs by checking her out on www.facebook.com/denicelaomusicor following her on @denicelaomusic at Twitter and Instagram.

‘Breathe’ is now out on Spotify, Youtube, and all other music platforms.