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803 views Apr 27, 2020
Rakista Radio App - Out Now!

Discover and share new music, be active, and get involved in our local music scene and community. Anywhere you go, in just a tap from your fingertips!

Rakista Radio App brings you closer to artists and fans around the world! You can join our community, build your profile, and register as an artist or as a fan to discover and share music. You can also request and send your own music and share it with new people you can meet and match based on your music taste! Browse and get the latest updates from our events, news, polls, and forums today!

Everything is just one tap away now so what are you waiting for? Be part of the community and download the Rakista Radio App now!

Rakista Radio App Link: https://bit.ly/2yKT0lv

Rakista Radio YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/2zpkPjH