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2,579 views Oct 17, 2018
Typecast With Their Latest Music Video “Perfect Posture”

In celebration of mental health week, Laguna-based rock band, Typecast released their newest music video for their latest single “Perfect Posture” and it was uploaded on their official TypecastVevo YouTube channel.



“Perfect Posture” is the band’s second single for their upcoming album. It is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, and other digital music platforms. The music video was directed by Meg Bagadion.



“Perfect posture is a song about hope. Dealing with the struggles and anxieties in life, facing your inner demons. Kind of a reminder that you're not alone in this and that there are people who understand and are willing to help.” - Steve Badiola



Typecast is composed of Steve Badiola on vocals and guitars, Chi Resurreccion on bass, Pakoy Fletchero on guitars, and Sep Roño on drums.


Here is Typecast’s newest music video “Perfect Posture”