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1,667 views Aug 27, 2018
An Exclusive Interview With St. Wolf And IV Of Spades

Last Wednesday, August 15, 2018, Originals Only (Oo) had another awesome event showcasing some of the country’s emerging artists like St. Wolf and IV Of Spades at 12 Monkey’s, El Pueblo Real De Manila, Pasig City. Both bands answered some of the hottest questions from our Rakista community. IV Of Spades even play with our Fast talk.



Oo is committed to OPM and supports the OPM artists currently making waves in the independent scene. It is more than just a normal band gig. Oo is a movement that says YES to OPM by celebrating the diversity of OPM genres, bringing OPM artists, both seasoned and new, onto one stage every month.



They have featured the “Swabecore” sounds of St. Wolf. There has been a buzz about this band over the past few months, especially after releasing their current single with Warner Music Philippines and signing up with the management company, Open Door Management Ph. To celebrate these milestones, they have teamed up with Oo to create a show, which will showcase what is next for St. Wolf. IV of Spades has come along to show their support for their brother band. Along for the ride were Sunday Radio, Roy Antonio, Eloisa Jayloni, Syd Hartha, Tihtus, Guji and Julz Savard.



Founded by Guji Lorenzana, Oo is a passion project whose main purpose is to provide a ground for OPM to be rediscovered and celebrated by music enthusiasts.
Originals Only is held monthly, showcasing artist from an array of OPM genres. Artists that have performed at Oo include OPM acts such as Mojofly, Nicole Asensio, One Click Straight, Leanne and Naara, AJ Rafael, and SUD.





Event photos by: Bram Asuncion