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Saydie’s New Official Music Video For “Yokai”

It’s been a year and a half since they released their last music video. And yesterday, June 10, 2018, NU Metal band, Saydie released their new official music video for their latest single “Yokai” that was uploaded on their official YouTube Channel.





The music video was directed by Avid Liongoren, who also directed the band’s first music video for their song “Krolithika”, and Manny Angeles of Twenty Manila. The concept is more of a band playing live in an old and empty garage. It shows hatred and revenge which is also the message of the song. “It’s a dirty video about abuse and revenge” said vocalist, Kat Taylor. “It’s about someone who has a hatred of men because of the actions of an abuser, and how she gets even.”





“Yokai” is their first single from the band’s upcoming third album. It prominently displays Saydie’s early 2000s NU metal musical influences, with a sound driven by downtuned guitars, industrial synthesizers, and subversive lyrics. The song is also the band’s first collaboration with a guest musician, vocalist Ian Tayao of Wilabaliw and Queso.


Saydie is composed of Kat Taylor on vocals, Karl Kliatchko and Lehmann Flores on guitars, Kurt Corpus on bass, and Josh Madrid on drums.





Here is Saydie’s new official music video for their song “Yokai”