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708 views Nov 09, 2020
Even With Their Latest Single “Dolores”

Filipino Electronica Metal band, Even drops their latest single “Dolores” this Monday, November 9, 2020, and it’s now available in your favorite digital streaming platforms. 

The song is all about freedom. Facing our own challenges and finding the truth in our own reality.


“Dolores” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Nineworkz Productions, and the lyric video was made by Jordan Mike Alviar


“I wrote the music for "Dolores" maybe around 2006-2007. This was pre-EVEN. Trivia din na during those times naisulat ko na din yung music for "Stolen". Something about major to minor chords and yung fascination ko with dissonance and melancholic melodies. I never finished it but I kept it kasi lagi kong iniisip na baka sa future maging full song siya. Who knows right?” Even’s very own, Jam Bumanlag said.


Wayback in 2015, Jam plays it again, he even has a Facebook video post of it playing the guitar intro. They also tried to include it on their “Zenith” album (released under 12 Stone Records) but it was never materialized because it has a different theme and vibe that time from their other songs on the said album.


In 2019, they were supposed to finish and release the song but unfortunately, there were some major challenges they encountered along the way, and they have no choice but to rebuild (again). Thanks to their families, and friends who always got their back and ready to support them no matter what.


Fast forward to 2020, given with greater challenges because of the pandemic. They still pushed through to release the song because they feel that this is the right time. New approach, new bandmates, same wavelength, but better direction. As for "Dolores", this is the right time for it.


To sum it up – the band never gave up on pursuing the song. And they are all excited to share it with their fans.


Jam also said that Even plans to release all Tagalog songs every 3-4 months and collectively make it an album or and a CD to release.


For more info, you can check Even on the following links below:


Facebook: https://fb.watch/1EgL4oEzdC/

Youtube: https://youtu.be/xTNxB57uLok

Spotify: https://ditto.fm/dolores-even