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409 views May 02, 2018
“Happier Pretending” by Absolute Play

A three-piece kid-punk band, Absolute play just released their new music video of their single “Happier Pretending”.


The music video basically shows the band members playing live in the studio with their “kid punk” kind of music. The song is more likely about moving on from a failed relationship and being strong, keeping everything on track after what happened from the past. It’s a bittersweet song composed of their fusion of pop vocals and punk guitar hooks and beats that will surely make the listeners check them out, again and again, spreading some good vibes and dynamics to their songs and when they play it live.


“Happier Pretending” is also the name of their 5-track EP that was released last year, 2017. The band is composed of three (3) Tanchanco talented siblings, Murielle on vocals and keys, Mato on Drums, and Alto on lead guitars who also act as the songwriter of the band. The said music video was directed by Nikko Arcega and produced by Tommy Tanchanco under 12 Stone Records.


Here is Absolute Play’s “Happier Pretending”