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Sep 15, 2020
Alt-pop Quartet Meryl Releases "Paghilom" Under Warner Music Philippines

Hugot songs" began flooding our airwaves a few years back, and it seems like some of us never really got over the feels. We hear about heartache and loneliness in different forms during different parts of the day, and it can either inspire you to move on or fall even harder. Now that we're nearing the end of 2020, Meryl decided to conclude their "two-year narrative" with their latest single, "Paghilom".



Meryl calls their music the soundtrack of their listener's own love story. According to the band, their songs serve as the score to "the common romantic's tale of love and tragedy". In addition to their past songs "Colors", "Vincent", and "Dagat", the new single "Paghilom" ties the narrative together. For their loyal audience, this song marks an appropriate ending.


Previously called "Untitled Song" by their fans, the band described "Paghilom" as a serenade of a romantic to his/her sweetheart. "It is about staying hopeful despite knowing that the relationship is about to end. It tells the story from the perspective of a person's willingness to fight for love. From the lines 'buuin natin mga pusong sugatan' to 'hindi ka papakawalan, the song itself is a romantic's way of expressing love at the grandest scale."


Meryl's fans are in for a treat this year, as the band is set to release an album before the year ends. To listen to "Paghilom" and get band updates, follow Meryl and Warner Music Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.